A Visit from Cedric

Mimi's Elf - Cedrick

Cedric -- 7-inch cloth doll. Leather boots, faux leather tunic, trews, and hat, hand-braided metallic thread belt.

I have just finished dressing another Elf. Cassi has named him Cedric. He is dressed in faux distressed leather trews, a tunic of faux suede with a hand-braided belt of metallic thread. His boots are leather. I think they are a little too heavy. I have the tools but not the skill to skive the leather to make it thinner. His hat is deer suede lined with a pale beige poly lining fabric. The ties are beaded on the end of the ties to hide some sloppy stitching. It is often difficult to get the machine to stitch beautifully on heavy, skinny ties… Embellishment is wonderful!

The snow stopped yesterday afternoon. The accumulation here in Point Pleasant by the Sea was only about 4 inches after the rain stopped. Our Doll Club (UFDC) meeting in Manhattan scheduled for this morning was canceled yesterday. Manhattan got over 20 inches. That almost rivals the big blizzard of March, 1896. It is difficult to get around the city after a heavy snow. The streets are cleared for driving but the snow is melting from the heat of the subways under the sidewalks and streets and every time you step off the curb to cross the street you are almost knee deep in very cold, very dirty water, Not my idea of fun. My boots are only calf high… I don’t like cold, wet feet.



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