A Pot of Gold — Going Through Puberty for the 4th Time

Mimi's Elf - Padraic


I thought I would call this elf Verdi, or some other word meaning green, since he is dressed mostly in green velveteen and cotton with some leather accents. However, when I plopped the crocheted wig cap of red/orange mohair on his head he became Padriac. I’ll call him Pat or Paddy for short. His boots and legging straps are made from a pale faun colored leather. I reversed the leather and used the suede side for his vest. The vest closure is made up of several beads to look like buttons. I decided he didn’t need or want a hat. Maybe I should give him a pot of gold so he can attract a rainbow to hide it behind.



Cassi - Not an Elf

I have the time for dressing one of these little guys down to about 7 or 8 hours. I have a lot less studio time these days now that I am a full-time mom again. Jim and I have temporary custody of great-granddaughter Cassi. Her mom, Chris, is my natural granddaughter. Jim and I adopted her when she was eleven years old. So she is his daughter, but both my daughter and granddaughter, which makes her her mother’s sister and her own aunt! Cassi has figured out that she is her own first cousin and her own second cousin. What can I tell you? I’m from the South.

Chris is in rehab trying to get healthy again. This could take some time… Cassi is twelve years old and in 6th grade. The only part that is really difficult is having to get up at 5:40 each morning to get a good breakfast into her and drive her to school. I didn’t realize how much her mom took care of until she was no longer doing it. This is the fourth time I am going through puberty!!! I always said little girls should be locked in a closet at 11 and not let out until 17 or 18 when they become human again. Talk about PMS… I had forgotten they have it 24/7!

I try to get into the studio around 9 AM. I drop Cassi at school at 7:20, come home, clean up the kitchen, start the laundry, then have breakfast myself. I can get a few hours work in until I have to pick her up at 3:15. (She stays an extra hour for private tutoring. She fell way behind due to emotional stress for a couple of months but is beginning to bring her grades back where they used to be. I expect she will be back on the honor roll by the end of the term.) Often I can get another couple of hours in after dinner is cleared up. My bedtime is between 11 and midnight so I am sleep deprived. I live for the weekends when I can sleep in until 7:30 and get two full days work in the studio before Monday morning arrives again.

I hope to have these little guys all dressed by the end of the week so I can get back to photographing and documenting the naked guy (Mimi’s Nude Male Sculpture) and finish the re-shoot for the Needle- Modeling a Pretty Face DVD. Then I have to make heads for two different fellows I call Stud Muffins and a “Bo-Jangles” figure I call And All that Jazz. I also have the High Priestess in progress. I had to stop work on her months ago and put her lower on the priority list. I Hope to have it all done by early June.

I wish some of my readers would ask questions about cloth dollmaking or designing that I can answer. It’s hard to come up with new stuff to talk about every day.


2 thoughts on “A Pot of Gold — Going Through Puberty for the 4th Time

  1. Hi Mimi: I have been browsing your Web Site, and as usual am astoounded by all of your imagination and creative talent. I am definitely a voice from the past. I met you at the first Dollmakers Conference up in San Francisco area. I took a Paper Clay class, and you shared alot about Robert McKinley. It was a wonderful experience. I have been away from making dolls(since I retired) and have too much time on my hands. But, after seeing your darling little elves I feel inspired. Is there a specific pattern for them? I only saw mention of a free pattern for the costumes? Thanks in advance for an answer.

    • There will be a free pattern for “An Elf Named Stretch” in the December (I think) issue of Soft Dolls and Animals out in October.

      The Mimi’s Elf pattern that you see here will be tested with some online classes this Autumn. We don’t have details yet.

      My new Dollmaking Workshop on DVD is out now. See the front page of the blog.

      Don’t retire. Make dolls! More to come on both these topics as it happens.

      Happy dolling.

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