So Lunch Became James

Mimi's Elf - Unfinished

Unfinished Elf

I got interrupted several times yesterday and didn’t get this elf finished.

Cassi has three pet white mice. It all began while she and her mom were living in Virginia last summer. Her mother had a small (about two feet long) bald python. Snakes don’t eat at easily predictable times, so Lunch became James (named for Harry Potter’s father), because when Cassi got bored, not knowing any kids in the area, she began to train the mouse. He is a really cute pet; she bathes him often and keeps the cages clean. He rides on her hat when she goes outdoors or rides in the car, especially to PetSmart to pick up bedding material, food and toys…

Cassi & James

Cassi & James

She also has two females who need separate cages because they are not friends. James is not allowed in their cages because we don’t want more mice. This drivel is background about why I got interrupted yesterday afternoon. It seems that Alice’s cheek began to grow and it looked like she had mumps. (Bella is the other female. Can you tell Cassi is a great Twilight fan now?) Cassi was so distraught as it continued to grow that she convinced her grandmother to pay for a visit to the animal hospital. She made the appointment herself. It turns out Alice has an abscess. The Vet drained it a bit and now Cass has to give Alice antibiotics (via syringe) twice a day until she is better or not. This visit cost $127!!!!!! For a mouse that cost $2! Anyway that is why this little guy is not yet dressed.

I plan to make him a tight fitted jacket with a short peplum. His tights are called cannons and over that pansied slops (“Shakespeare pants”) as they were called back in the 15th century. Because the jacket will be fitted I don’t want any bulk; so instead of a shirt I just gave him sleeves. The jacket will be sleeveless with a sleeve cap over the shoulder. So this little nameless and half-dressed Elf is today’s photograph.



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