Simple Mimi Oxymoron (Free Pattern)

Easy Elf Jerkin Pattern

Easy Elf Jerkin Pattern

I spent three days designing and making a fancy vest for a seven-inch Elf.  I need my head examined! Yesterday I decided to spend some time looking through several of my costuming books and found a renaissance jerkin that would do nicely.  Elvin folk don’t mind mixing styles and even centuries.  I draped the little guy’s upper torso to make the pattern and, as I was “truing it up,” I realized that as long as I was using a non-woven fabric (ultra-suede) I didn’t have to think about grain lines. This means that I can make this up as a one-piece pattern! A “simple” Mimi pattern. Now that’s an oxymoron!

So here it is.  It has only two very short seams. (On this pattern I have included the smaller than usual seam allowances). After stitching they need to be glued and pounded as described on one of last week’s blogs.  There are no grain lines because it is meant to be made from a non-woven fabric such as leather, ultra suede, felt or some of the heavier micro fabrics. It also needs no lining, facings or hemming. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.  No grain lines means you can fit it anywhere on the fabric you wish so that you can save more of it. (This stuff is expensive.) Little strips can be used for belts and ties. Little squares, diamonds and circles can be appliquéd with stitching or gluing to embellish lots of things.

If you try to make this pattern on a woven fabric the front pieces will not drape properly across the dolls chest and you will not be happy with it.

Simple Elf Jerkin

Fancy Pants with Sleeves, Dickie, and Simple Elf Jerkin

I spent time yesterday trying to make a flat renaissance men’s hat. By the time I stitched two brims of buckram and wired the edge and fit it between two stitched pieces of ultra suede brim, guess what. Same problem as with the fancy vest, it was too small for the “heaviness” of all that so back to the stash.  I will have to make it out of something like red silk.. So that will be today’s project.  I did, however, get hair on his head last night.

I will get to stay home and finish the last Elf this week.  My class at the Art-is-You Festival in Danbury Connecticut did not get enough registration to make the class feasible. Sallyanne has canceled it. I will teach a couple of classes over five days at the event in October of 2011.  I expect I will have a new figure ready to teach by then.  I Have no idea if it will be male of female. There are several on the drawing board.


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