I’m 12 Times Faster Now (Designing a Doll — Part 3)

My first Naked Guy took 2 years to design. Drawing Down the Moon is basically done in 2 months.  The chest (read boobs) and the feet are both different. They took the most time. She is still a work in progress. I haven’t yet needle modeled the toes on the bent leg and the head and arms are pinned in place.  The head has to have the overlay placed on the face and the features stitched.

After the entire figure has been colored and wig made and stitched in place I will make her sheer dress. I can’t stitch the arms in place until she is dressed then I can needle-model the lifted arm to create the underarm area.  I am quite pleased with her.

I will be teaching this doll at Artistic Figures in Cloth in Columbus Ohio Next April.  Cyndi will have the website up at the beginning of September.  My friend Susie McMahon will teach a new class there as well. So start to put aside the loose change so you can join us there.

Day with Dolls

August 7th is this year’s Day with Dolls in Mount Vernon, NY. I have been asked to do the same demo (Needle Model a Pretty Face) that I did last year on Long Island. With any luck, my new DVD of Needle Model a Pretty Face will be ready by then. It includes everything you need to needle model eyes (with expression), nose, and both closed and open mouth. It also includes coloring the finished face. It will be on two DVDs because it will run between three and four hours to cover everything. This is for watching on your TV as well as your computer, and it is broken into many chapters so that you can go directly to the section you want. The price will be very reasonable.

If you want to come to Day with Dolls, it is $20. Check out the registration form at http://3dclothdollclub.blogspot.com/2010/06/2010-day-with-dolls.html. Doors will open at 9am for a light breakfast, registration starts at 9:30, and demos start at 10am. For more information, call 914-667-7100.



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