Drawing Down the Moon (The Workshop)

She’s finished! You can learn to make her. I will be teaching a three-day workshop next April 29-31, 2011 at Artistic Figures in Cloth in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, please visit: http://www.cyndysdolls.com/index.htm

High Priestess

Here’s The class description:

The High Priestess is a beautiful, young female dancing figure. She is posed on one leg with the other knee raised high. One arm is over her head and the head is bent backward. She wears only a diaphanous silk chiffon gown. Her hair hangs freely down her arched back. High Priestess Drawing Down the Moon is a 19 inch fabric sculpture. This three-day intense class is designed for the advanced skilled doll maker. However intermediate doll makers would qualify if you have very good hand sewing skills. As you can imagine creating a doll of with such natural beauty takes time and skill. This is a class you will never forget, and you will acquire skills of concentrated precision. You will need to do your homework before coming to class. The homework is basic but it must be done in order not to be an interruption to the other students in the class.

Home work will start with Gloria mailing you the pattern, sewing instructions, fabric and dream-seamer tool. She will send this to each student 4 to 6 weeks prior to class. The entire doll skin and head must be stitched prior to class.

Day One:  In class you will wrap a wire armature; insert it into the sewn torso and stuff firmly and smoothly around the armature. The torso will be closed and needle modeled to form the musculature of a young female dancer. Legs will be trimmed, treated, turned, armature inserted and stuffed.

Day Two:  Gloria will instruct you how to stuff the sewn skull and affix the cotton-spandex overlay. The nose, eye-sockets, dimensional eyes, jaw and open mouth will be modeled and stitched. Ears will be stuffed, needle modeled, stitched and affixed to the head Students are encouraged to pre-stitch two or more heads.

Day Three:  The head will be pinned and stitched to the torso. Hands will be constructed of wire woven and wrapped with floral tape and inserted into sewn turned gloves. Arms will  be armatured and stuffed, assembled and attached to the torso. Legs will be pinned in place using a master drawing as a pattern for accuracy and balance. Time permitting, costuming and wigging as well as coloring face and hands and painting boots will be discussed and demonstrated.

This class is all about learning new techniques, not completing a doll. Complete instructions will be handed out in class which will help to complete the figure at home.  Some advanced students and those who work after class may just finish the piece in three days.

Here’s what else is going on!

Thursday After Dusk

Hat and Heels Banquet April 28, 2010 and starts at 6:30 pm. These are not your ordinary hats. Hats, hats and more hats. Pretty hats, funny hats, hats for Queens and hats for a Mad Hatters! Prizes awarded for creativity. It seems that every year the students get more inventive. I can not wait to see the newest hats. You may ask, are hats and heels required? Well, of course not, but come without a hat at your own risk! Bring your camera; this will truly be a night to remember. Fun, Food, Friends and Laughter. Anything can happen and this year is no exception. We have great things planned for opening night. There will be jokesters, games and prizes.

Instructors Sales After the banquet the festivities continue. Enjoy the night sale put on by the instructors. They will have patterns, dolls, frills and supplies.

Friday Evening Up until Midnight!

Shoppers Madness Night! You will delight in a bountiful supply of beads, yarns, patterns, doll making products, lace, trims and dolls and doll accessories. While you are in class on Friday the artist and vendors are setting up shop. Sales open from 6-8:00pm Friday night, for AFIC participants only. You have first choice! You can shop on Saturday and Sunday but, isn’t it nice to know you get to touch everything before the public arrives?

Exhibit Room opens! The exhibit room opens Friday night at 8:00pm. Check out the exhibit and make sure your dolls are displayed properly before the grand opening on Saturday.

Up till Midnight for Crazy Doll Makers. The class is free but you will be required to pay a $5.00 kit fee to cover the clubs materials. This is for crazy doll makers: you know who you are! You can’t get enough fun and friends. The River City Figurative Artist Club, from Cincinnati, Ohio will be teaching a fun Make it and Take it doll, Sassy Sandi. All levels of doll makers can participate. It begins at 9:00 and goes till, well maybe not Midnight but you can stay up as long as like. Don’t miss the opportunity to have loads of fun and visit with friends.


Saturday Late afternoon – Ice Cream Social 4-6pm What could be more refreshing than to get out of class and have a Ice made to your specifications. The Ice Cream Bar will be set up so you can make your own sundaes with Chocolate, Vanilla & Strawberry Ice Cream, Hot Fudge, Strawberry and Carmel sauces, Maraschino cherries, Pecans, M & M, cookies crumbs, sprinkles and whipped cream. Sit down and visit with friends or stroll the artist and sales venue. Shopping and Ice Cream what a great way to spend a few hours before the evening events. Various Demos of products and doll making will be going on during these hours. I am always thinking up something new and wonderful to keep you jumping.

Izzy Swap’m Night.8-9 or how ever long it last. BRING YOUR STUFF. You know what stuff ! The stuff you got because you just had to have it, you still have it after 5 years and you still do not know what to do with it. That stuff! Stuff you bought too much of. How about bringing the stuff you make like doll pins, soap or jewelry? Or what about the stuff you have out grown or stuff you love, but need to make space in your studio for more stuff. Someone wants your stuff. I bet I would buy your stuff! Sell your extra stuff so you can have money to buy some new stuff. How about trading stuff? Just think about it . A night devoted to stuff ! We all love stuff!!!!!! Swap, Sell, Trade or just come to buy! It will be a great time and deals galore for everyone. Tables will be provided for Give away, Sales and Trade free to all registered students and teachers

Sunday May 1, 2011 6:30pm

Closing Night Banquet: Mystery Dinner Theater! A theater company will entertain us at the closing banquet. Yes it just keeps getting better! A real Who Done It! You will need to help solve the mystery. Join us for dinner, theater, laughs and intriguing evening. The closing ceremony is not included in your registration fees. We understand not every one will be able to stay for this event. Please look for this on the registration form.



4 thoughts on “Drawing Down the Moon (The Workshop)

  1. Hi,mimi,
    I just ordered you dollmaking dvd and have not heard from you. paypal responded to me and said they made a payment to you. I had a little difficulty trying to find your contact us spot so I’m emailing here. I’m looking forward to the dvd. I’ve been making dolls for only a short time and I need all the help I can get and yours looks like a good one. I hope to hear from you soon.
    linda murdock

  2. I do not appreciate your comment “You don’t want an ethnic nose”. I would have known that you made such a racist comment I would not have bought your latest DVD “Dollmaking Workshop” from Dollmakers Journey. I like Dollmakes Journey so I am not returning the DVD. I am offended by your comment because I have an ethnic nose, and specialize in ethnic dolls.

    • Dear Mz. Carlton (Doressa@windstream.net),

      I am sorry if I offended you. No offense was intended. I was merely commenting that when sculpting a face that appears Caucasian in all the pictures, it would be appropriate to have a proportionate nose.

      I have talked to Mary Ann at Dollmakers Journey, and she has refunded the full amount for the DVD and shipping. Since you find my work offensive, I suggest that you destroy it or throw it out.

      Should you wish to reach me, you can always reach me here on this blog, or at Mimi@Mimidolls.com.

      Again, my appology.

      Gloria J. “Mimi” Winer

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