Summer Show Displays

The easiest way to pack up your display for a sales table is to use folding boxes.


8" by 8" by 4" Box Set Up

This is an 8″ by 8″ by 4″ white gloss gift box that you can order online from anyplace that specializes in packaging materials.


8" by 8" by 4" Box Folded Flat

It comes folded flat in a package of 100 for about $50 or less. You set them up in an interesting arrangement and cover them with a piece of fabric. Then you pose your dolls artistically.

Here are some mermaids from my new Dollmaking Workshop on DVD, Mimi’s Modular Mermaid. The full 5-day workshop is condensed into a few hours on several DVDs. It will be available soon.

Blue Mermaid

Blue Mermaid

Red Mermaid

Red Mermaid

Green Mermaid

Green Mermaid



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