An Elf Named Stretch is Here – Free Pattern (& Mermaids Too!)

Mimi’s New Elf doll is a twelve inch male Elf on walk-about. One leg is armatured so he can be posed mid-step. He wears breeches and has a vest and shirt (which he totes in his carryall so he can expose his manly chest). He also has shoes and a woodsmen’s hat.

Some of these instructions, patterns, and photographs were printed in the December and February issues of Soft Dolls & Animals! Magazine. This new free pattern with instructions is the original version from which those articles were adapted.

To get a copy of the 27 page instructions and the 5 pattern sheets, go to Mimidolls.Com and click on the download link.

Stretch Clothed Hello

Hello, I'm Stretch

stretch Bare ByeBye

Bye Bye

Here are some of the Mermaids in Progress from our soon-to-be-released Mimi’s Modular Mermaid Dollmaking Workshop on DVD. It will have 6 discs and 13 – 14 hours of video:

Mermaid with Overhead Flukes, Webbed Arms

Mermaid with Overhead Flukes, Webbed Arms

wall Doll with Posable Arms

wall Doll with Posable Arms

wall Mermaid with Webbed Arms Out

Wall Mermaid with Webbed Arms Out

mermaid on Side with Arm on Head

Mermaid on Side with Arm on Head



4 thoughts on “An Elf Named Stretch is Here – Free Pattern (& Mermaids Too!)

  1. Mimi,

    I was watching your video (again) on making the doll heads. I wanted to know what air soluble pen you were using. It does not seem to have the drag on the fabric that mine does. Is it a ballpoint-type pen?

    Also, I would like to show you my first doll head. It is the first time I was able to make an ethnic looking face from cloth that is realistic. It is on my blog at: Pay no attention to the bad wig. haha

    • Hi Juanita,

      The air soluble pen I use has a felt tip. It comes in regular and fine point versions, but on faces I use the fine point. Some of them are made by Dritz, and others are just what I pick up at JoAnn fabrics and don’t have a brand name. I don’t buy them in quantity wholesale anymore because they dry out before I can use them. Also, THEY DON’T FLY well. If you go to a convention or a class, try to get together with the other students and pick up some new ones in a local store.

      I looked at your first doll head and I’m impressed. You did a wonderful job of getting an ethnic looking face. I especially like the large lips as they contribute to the look. Since you pointed me to a picture, I’m going to give you two useful comments.

      First, while the large lips are wonderful, they take up too much fabric so that there is not enough chin. If you can’t put in more stuffing to make more chin, make the overlay about a quarter-inch longer on your next head.

      Second, While the eyes are basically good looking and well done individually, they are looking in different directions. One is looking slightly upward and the other slightly downward. They are also not looking exactly the same direction side-to-side. Get a friend to look around in different directions while you watch their eyes, and you will see how to fix the problem on your next head.

      Happy Dolling,

  2. Hi Mimi
    I’m happy to tell you that my 44 yr old dghtr is at last making cloth dolls. She was going to start off with something a little simpler, then she saw your Stretch in SDA and being a Hobbit fan, immediately pictured him as Frodo (I drew up some larger hobbit style feet for him) and has now almost finished his body and she has drawn up some of his clothing patterns. I have taught her all she knows so far about doll making. We haven’t got to the needle-sculpting bit yet and she is having 2nd thoughts about doing any at all, though I know I can teach her. Now I want to make him also – he is so cute. Thank you for all the great pictures, instructions and patterns on your blog. Love the mermaids too .
    Marjorie Tuffnell, Tasmania in Australia
    … where the weather has been coming in straight off Antartica for the last few days.
    Good dollmaking weather!

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