Mimi’s Mannequins – How to Paint a Male Face – Free Video

How can it be a Mimi Doll without a needle-modeled face? See for yourself! I painted the face of the male mannequin (manikin) and we made a FREE VIDEO that you can watch on here and at  (http://Mimidolls.Com).

Mimi’s Mannequins are a pair of adult dolls, a 15½” female and a 17″ male. They are very easy dolls to make. The shape is built into the patterns and the techniques are built into the instructions. The 2-disc Dollmaking Workshop Classroom on a DVD will be available in mid-November, 2011.

The body requires little or no needle modeling – just a stitch or two to pull the breasts in and make the crotch V-shaped so the legs will fit. The face doesn’t need to be needle modeled at all. (You can if you want to, or paint eyes, or just leave it blank.)

The second disc is a class on how to drape the bodies and feet to make basic contemporary patterns for bodices, shirts, skirts and pants, and shoes as well as wigs. Once you understand how to drape you can drape anything, even a horse.

Be sure to keep track of the status here on the Diary of a Mad Dollmaker blog. There’s a place over at the end of the right column where you can get an email subscription.

Happy Dolling,


Gloria (“Mimi”)



4 thoughts on “Mimi’s Mannequins – How to Paint a Male Face – Free Video

  1. I enjoyed the vido, I have trouble with pincels. What brain do you use? Are you taking orders for this vido now, if so put me down for one. Gwynn

    • Hi Gwynn,

      I’m right-brained. Most dollmakers find it easier to use pencils than brushes. Part of the problem is that unless you have taken an art class, you may never have learned to hold the brush the right way for face painting. In general, hold a brush straight up and down between your first two fingers and your thumb. Rest your palm or your little finger on the doll to hold it steady. This is very different from normal painting, and similar to Japanese calligraphy. For pencils, you hold them like a pencil for drawing, but more like a pastel chalk for shading. (That is you use the side of the pencil lead for shading, not the point.) When we reshoot this scene for the Workshop, I will explain how to hold the brush and pencils.

      We are NOT accepting orders at this time. We will only accept orders when we are ready to start producing the DVD sets. That way, if my shoulder gets too bad and I have to have it fixed before we get the DVD done, people won’t be disappointed if it goes out late.

      Happy Dolling,

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