Mimi’s Universal Toddler is Back!

Mimi’s Universal Toddler is back!

After being out-of-print for many years, the Universal Toddler is back in electronic form for download or on CD at a much lower price (we don’t have to print or ship all that heavy paper). And until October 15, it’s another 25% off the new lower price.

  *  The definitive textbook for knit fabric dollmaking.
  *  You can make this beautiful 16″ cloth doll in just a weekend.
  *  Five Star Rating for beginning, intermediate, and advanced cloth dollmakers.
  *  All skill levels from quick & easy to collector quality.
  *  Pattern sheets included from 12″ to 36″

Picture-by-picture, multi-level instruction book includes full size, cut-out, 16″ patterns for boy and girl. Optional instructions and pattern pieces for sexing boy and girl dolls. Clothing includes bathrobe, girl’s rhumba panties, boy’s briefs, bunny and bear slippers, and stuffed toy. Fixed-leg doll stands alone without armature or doll stand. Certificate, hangtag, pattern sheets for 12″ to 36″ sizes, jointed leg supplement and 12″-22″ jointed leg pattern pieces all included. Body also accepts porcelain heads, hands and feet.

  *  You are licensed to sell dolls made from this pattern.
  *  This is the world renown textbook for making dolls from knit doll fabric. A complete course in dollmaking.
  *  NOTE: Available only as Electronic copy. It has become too expensive to print and ship paper copies.
  *  NOTE: The different sized pattern sheets are not simple reductions or enlargements. For each pattern size, the head is reproportioned to look right. Small sizes have relatively larger heads than large sizes.

More Books!

We have almost all of the books that won’t fit in our new apartment listed in the Studio Sale. There are great bargains here, but only one copy of each book. Check it out before everything you want is gone.


6 thoughts on “Mimi’s Universal Toddler is Back!

  1. hi Mimi,
    I just had to reply to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful patterns and the fact that you give license to sell some of your dolls made with it followed by your copywrite. I thank you ever so much, I love making your dolls and I owned a lot of the patterns and the DVD”s, having the opportunity to sell the dolls have helped me support my passion. I love making male dolls especially, and You are the only doll maker that I know off that makes such beautiful male dolls with fabric, I can now create a male body some what better than I use to. I am so looking forward for the day that you could put classes online for male dolls, I don’t think that I will ever have to opportunity to be in one of your class, so wish that someday i can meet. God bless you and your business.
    again thank you.

    • Thank you very much. That makes my day.

      Where do you live? I’m in Southwest Florida now and I will be teaching down here. I’m trying to find the doll clubs in Florida.

      The next DVD set will be Mimi’s Mannequins with male and female made from the same instructions, but different patterns. In addition to making a male doll, it will give you a pretty good idea of comparative anatomy. It will also include some pattern draping for clothing (hence Mannequins).

      After that I’ll probably do a techniques video. Then the High Priestess and Spartacus. Male and female dancers caught in mid-leap.


      Gloria (AKA Mimi)

    • Hi Theresa,

      Go to http://Mimidolls.Com. the Toddler is featured on the front page. It is about the fourth tile in the “Home Page” category. You can also get there by clicking the “Patterns Classes & Original Dolls” button and then clicking the tile that shows the picture of the Toddlers.



  2. hi I am from Brazil to buy Universal Child Mimi and Adam and Eve Mimi cidinha macedo bezerra@gmail.com i’m unemployed and I have a blind child and my husband had a heart attack and have my mother aged 90 who lives with us always craft I’d love to do their dolls and want to make her dolls to sell please help me send a deposit account and sends me after confirmation of deposit to my email thank our money and if it gets too real expensive to buy an increasingly

    • I will send you copies. I have approved the English version of your comment and deleted the Portuguese versions since they say the same thing as the English version. Additional patterns can be ordered from Mimidolls.Com.

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