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Mimi’s Cancer Journal – Part 1 – Letters to Friends – October 21, 2012

This is reprinted from Mimidolls.Com. We are moving the Cancer Journal to the Diary of a Mad Dollmaker. This is the beginning of the story. We will continue it later this week to bring you up-to-date. Mimi has just had a CT scan for a three-month checkup and we will get the results Monday, Jan 21, 2013.

There are several letters below, each with a bit of different information. Use what you think is appropriate.
Dearest Carol,

I was asked to send a letter about my health issues for the Guild newsletter as it may help others to get checked out sooner. I just wrote it and have no energy left to spend another hour typing – and my right “bone-on-bone” shoulder is aching to beat the band – So I will forward it to you.

Much love,

G’d Day Katrina,

I am scheduled to have the port implanted on Monday. I have an appointment with the oncologist on Wednesday. I also want to talk to a nutritionist, specialist in cancer. Since this has affected my liver I think I should forgo animal protein and of course sugars. The radiologist that took the PET films told me the nuclear material was combined with sugar before it was put into my IV because the sugar goes directly to inflammation and cancer… That tells me I should avoid sugar as well. I have a bunch of stuff I had already put into the car on Wednesday as I fully intended to drive down to you after that doctor visit. I can’t wait to read the comments received on your work, I am so proud of you for passing Standards!

Below is the note I wrote to Carol for the newsletter. Thanks for the suggestion.
See ya’ Saturday.


Good morning Carol,

You have permission to use this as an article for the newsletter as I am requesting that lots of on-going positive energy be sent my way to aid in my cancer treatment. My work here is not yet done. Cassi needs me for at least eight more years to get her healthy and through college.

My husband and I are raising our great granddaughter, Cassandra Rose, who is 15 years old. She has been diagnosed with PTSD as well as social anxiety and depression. She is in therapy but must attend school via on-line classes for the foreseeable future. We have legal custody of her.

I am a new Guild member but have been part of the fiber arts community forever. I have been making figurative sculpture and teaching my techniques in the U.S. Canada and Australia for almost thirty years.
I have had cancer twice before. Breast cancer in 1974 (38 years ago). I had a mastectomy but no further treatment as the cancer was but 4mm in size.

In 2007 my sister had a small-cell carcinoma in her lung. The time from her diagnosis to her death was only 18 days. While I was standing with her family around her bed waiting for her soul to leave her pain wracked body I heard a loud, masculine, authoritative voice shout at me. It said: “GET A SCAN NOW!” No one else in the room heard it. Since my sister and I had grown up with two smoking parents and I worked in smoky cocktail lounges to put myself through school many years ago I thought it was good advice.

My doctor refused to write a script for a lung scan with no symptoms. I repeated this story to him and I got the script. To shorten a long story; after many other tests the left upper lobe was removed and it was discovered that the cancer was a 1-A. The doctors said it was extremely rare to find a lung cancer that early and that small. No further treatment was necessary

I had a colonoscopy and an endoscope last November (2011) while still living in New Jersey. There was a small polyp that was removed. I have a history of GI problems and this was the first polyp ever found. At the end of August (2012) I experienced an episode of rectal bleeding the sent me to Lee Memorial ER. Even though there was no more bleeding after I arrived at the hospital, I was admitted for a couple of days for observation. The Doctor thought it was diverticulitis. It was treated with diet and after 6 weeks had another colonoscopy and endoscope.

I was told immediately there was a large mass in the colon. I was referred to a surgeon who told me it was a cancer, a large one, more than 7cm. To have grown so large in less than a year was shocking. He scheduled surgery to remove it and ordered a CT scan with contrast.

The surgeon told me two days ago that the cancer was a stage four that had already metastasized to the liver and it lit up like a Christmas tree on the scan photos. He cancelled the original surgical order to remove the tumor as it would not cure me to do so.

I will have a port installed on Monday and will see the oncologist to set up a schedule for chemotherapy. I am considering checking out Cancer Centers of Florida today and perhaps will ask for a referral as I do want the very best up to the minute treatment available. The stakes are high.

I am very proud to be a member of SWFCG and plan to attend as many meetings as possible and to contribute whatever I can by way of volunteering as my health allows. I will be at Saturday’s Meeting. I am looking forward to my Standards review in January. That assumes I will be able to make five new pieces in time for review.

Many thanks for your time reading this “tome”
See you on Saturday. Katrina is picking me up and I am bringing lasagna.

Gloria (aka Mimi)

Reminder – dollmaking chat Sunday at 7-8 pm Eastern Time (GMT-5). choose a name, select the Screaming Mimis room and join the chat.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Until 1/31/2013 — Mimi’s Cancer Journal

  1. Mimi,I am thinking of you with great affection. You were a wonderful guest teacher at two doll clubs I attended. My prayers are with you. Recover fast.
    sylvia landau

  2. Hi Gloria:

    I just read your posting regarding your cancer. I am so sorry to hear that you are having health issues. I will pray for you. I don’t know your new phone number. Mine is the same. If you can, please give me a call.

    Terry Crespo

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your trouble with cancer. My beloved sister, Eloise, passed away with breast cancer. I do love all of the work you do and hope God will spare you this time also. Your work on designing the dolls are absolutely fantastic. I have many of your patterns. You are my favorite doll designer. You will be in my prayers.

    Love, Zoe Ponto

  4. Dear Gloria,
    Your granddaughter needs Grandma Gloria. You have been added to my prayers so that you will be there for her, and for Jim.
    “Mimi” has been an inspiration to me. The doll making world needs or Mimi. I have a number of your patterns, and have learned from each of them but I have yet to complete a Mimi doll design. I love them all. I think my first doll(s) will be Mr. & Mrs. The little ‘Mrs.’ sorta looks like me these days. I’ve gotten shorter and wider with my age. I’m 82.
    I’ve loved everything you’ve done and am sure will love the little people I will create from your patterns. Keep them coming.
    With much love,
    Marge Daboll

  5. Querida Mimi, le pido a dios que la conserve la sane y la proteja. Yo veo todos sus videos y no hablo ingles, y me enamore de su arte de sus munecas, ahora me puse a hacer una para mi mama que tiene 86 y que le encantan. Gracias por todas las maravillas que salen de sus manos, I love you
    Flordemaria gonzales
    bruxelles , Belgique

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