Earth Angels is Back! — The Story Behind the Story

Mimi’s Earth Angels is finally back! It has taken almost a year to rework Earth Angels into a new and better book.

Earth Angels was originally written in 1986 – before we had computers that can do a whole book at a time. The original pictures were taken with a film camera and individually “screened” in the darkroom to make halftones that are used for offset printing. There was no easy way to get the original pictures into the computer. We had to scan the printed pictures from a copy of the book and then re-optimize them, one-by-one, for the computer.

The original text was created on the computer, printed out, and then pasted around the pictures to make the book. The original text was not available. We had to scan the text and use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to recreate it. OCR has an accuracy of 99%. That means that one of every 100 characters was wrong. That’s why we had to do major proof reading. (A thank you to the five proof readers is on page 13.)

The original patterns were made to be printed on 22″ by 38″ paper for easy printing. We had to redo all the pattern sheets to fit on 8½” by 11″ paper.

But those were the small problems. The big problem was the 1990 update. When you are dealing with a paper book, you can put notes here and there to tell the reader to read the pages in different order. That doesn’t work on a computer. Because the 1990 update introduced a separate head, the entire sequence had to be changed. Do the head first, so you can try again if you don’t like it. Then do the body. The original Earth Angels had an attached head and was stuffed from an opening in the crotch. The revised Earth Angels had a separate head and was stuffed through the neck. The new Earth Angel was much easier to make, but we had to shuffle the whole book (and write new instructions).

The other big problem was that the original Earth Angels was meant to be read in portrait mode (short edge at the top, binding on the left) but modern screen sizes on computers work much better in landscape mode (short edge on the sides, binding at the top). We changed every page and every picture to make the book work in landscape mode.

We think the result is amazing! We had a great book when we started, now we have an amazing book! Here’s the description:

Princess Kalayla

Princess Kalayla
24″ cloth doll
Displayed by invitation at the Louvre, Paris.


Mimi’s Earth Angels is the double-knit fashion doll statement for all cloth dollmakers.

  • Beginers — Over 1000 step-by-step photos in a storyboard format. Each picture is side-by-side with the instructions for the step. No skipped steps.
  • Intermediates — You are learning techniques, that apply to all your dollmaking.
  • Advanced cloth dollmakers — Explanation of how to change different features when you design your own variations or your own dolls.
  • Costumers — a wonderful doll to design and sew clothes for. Includes a section on how to design characters.”
  • Includes patterns for both 24-inch and 17-inch fashion dolls and basic contemporary clothing.
  • Includes instructions for fitting clothes to your particular doll (which may be a much different size than my doll).

Over 1000 step-by-step pictures guide you through every facet of making Mimi’s Earth Angels. Beautiful, full-figured 17″ and 24″ fashion dolls with basic contemporary clothing including: underwear, swimwear, sarong, tank top, designer jeans, slacks, shorts, man-tailored shirt with variations, sandals, boots, crocheted jacket and vest.

  • Full-sized, cut-out patterns.
  • You are licensed to sell dolls made from this pattern.
  • Mimi’s Earth Angels includes 168-page instruction book, certificate, hang tag, easy new head and foot patterns, and 17″ and 24″ pattern sheets.

  • Introduction to the 3rd Edition – 2013
  • Introduction to the 2nd Edition – 1990

What’s New

  • The New Pattern Pieces
  • Assembling Pattern Pieces

About the Designer

Contents – Subject Finder

Mimi’s Page

  • Thank You

Some Comments on Perfection

  • What to Expect

Tools, Tips and Techniques

  • Making and Using Mimi’s Stuffing Tool
  • Preserving Your Patterns
  • Finding the Right Side of Double Knit Stretch Fabric
  • How to Tie a Square knot
  • Choosing & Using Electric Glue Guns

Mimi’s Hints for Dollmakers

  • Marking Patterns
  • Gutting the Fabric
  • Sewing the Dollskin
  • Stuffing Techniques
  • Sculpting Techniques
  • Sealing Techniques
  • Joints
  • Hair
  • Eyes
  • Dolls for Children
  • Miscellaneous
  • Signing your work
  • Photographing Your Work
  • Cleaning Your Doll

License to Reproduce Dolls For Sale by Artisan

Special Notes (1990 Update)

Materials and Sources

Tools for Earth Angel & Dollmaking

Considerations for Beginners

Ethnic Variations

Getting Things in Order

Cutting Layout

Making Earth Angel

The Head

  • Tracing the Face Features
  • Eye Options
  • Shaping the Eyes
  • Iron-on Eyes (Optional)
  • Sew-on Eyes (Optional)
  • Embroidered Eyes (Optional)
  • Painting the Eyes (Optional)
  • Marking or Painting the Eyebrows (Optional)
  • Marking or Painting the Eyelashes (Optional)
  • Sewing the Head
  • Stuffing the Head
  • Sculpting the Eyes (Optional)
  • Sculpting the Nose (Optional)
    • Sculpting the Bridge of the Nose (Original Method)
    • Sculpting the Base of the Nose (Original Method)
    • Sculpting the Middle Nose (Original Method)
  • Sculpting the Lips (Optional)
  • Making the Ears (Optional)
    • Attaching the Ears

The Arms

  • Sewing the Arm and Hand
  • Interfacing the Palms (Optional)
  • Stitch the Arm and Hand
  • Turning the Fingers
  • Finishing the Hand
  • Wiring the Fingers (Alternate Option)
  • Making Knuckles & Forming Thumbs (Optional)
  • Stuffing the Forearms
  • Adding the Wrist Bone (Optional)
  • Stuffing the Upper Arm & Adding Arm Joint
  • Closing the Arm – Ladder Stitching
  • Sculpting the Elbow (Optional)
  • Sculpting the Wrist (Optional)

Assembling Torso

  • Assembling Torso Front
  • Assembling Torso
  • Preparing Torso Sides
  • Assembling Legs and Feet
  • Attaching Legs to Body

Stuffing & Sculpting the Doll

  • Foot Plate (Optional)
  • Stuffing the Foot
  • Sculpting Toes (Optional)
  • Adding Ankle Bones & Sculpting Ankle (Optional)
  • Stuffing the Legs
  • Sculpting the Knee (Optional)
  • Stuffing Lower Torso and Waist
  • Sculpting the Bottom (Optional)
  • Sculpting Buttocks Dimples (Optional)
Attaching the Arms

  • Stuffing the Upper Torso
  • Stuffing the Bust
  • Making the Neck Support (Optional)
  • Sculpting the Bust

Attaching the Head

Finishing Touches

  • Adding Eye Shadow (Optional)
  • Adding Lip Color (Optional)
  • Finishing Face Color (Optional)
  • Sculpting the Belly Button (Optional)
  • Sculpting the Nipples (Optional)

Hair, Character and Costume

  • And Finally

Selecting the Hair Style

Making Doll Hair (Optional)

  • Wefting the Yarn for Hair
  • Preparing Gluing Tools
  • Marking Hair Lines
  • Starting the Hair
  • Putting Hair on the Front of Head
  • Putting Hair on the Back of Head
  • Fluffing Short Hair
  • Trimming Short Hair
  • Fluffing Long Hair
  • Trimming Long Hair

Finishing Your Doll (Optional)

  • Toenails (Optional)
  • Fingernails (Optional)
  • Blush (Optional)
  • Finished Doll

Building a Character

  • Let the Doll Come Alive
  • Planning a Character
  • Naming Your Character
  • Biography Builds Character
  • Posing and Expression
  • Costume and Image
  • Earthbound Angel
  • Diana de Los Angeles
  • Betty Mae Bearcat
  • Rusty Rhinestone
  • Princess Askara
  • Costume and Accessory Notes

Altering Clothing Patterns to Fit

Underwear / Swimwear

  • Cutting
  • Panty / Bikini Bottom
  • Bra / Bikini Top
  • Beach Towel and Accessories

Askara’s Sarong

  • Cutting
  • Sarong Body
  • Sarong Tie

Tank Top

  • Cutting
  • Tank Top

Designer Jeans / Slacks / Shorts

  • Cutting
  • Legs
  • Pockets
  • Assembling
  • Waistband

Man-Tailored Shirt with Variations

  • Cutting
  • Making the Shirt Body
  • Adding the Tie Collar
  • Adding the Business Collar
  • Adding and Finishing Short Sleeves
  • Adding and Finishing Long Sleeves
  • Finishing the Hem


  • Cutting
  • Assembling the Sandals

Rusty’s Boots

  • Heels and Soles
  • Protecting the Doll – Glue Barrier
  • Making Fabric Substrate
  • Plasticizing the Fabric
  • Filling and Painting
  • Removing the Boots
  • Finishing the Boots

Crocheted Jacket / Vest

  • Jacket / Vest Body
  • Ribbing
  • Body
  • Shape Neck
  • Back
  • Collar
  • Sleeves (Jacket Only)
  • Cuff
  • Sleeve
  • Sleeve Cap
  • Assemble Vest
  • Install Zipper
  • Add Sleeves
  • How to Loop Stitch

Mimi’s Earth Angels
On Sale Until 12/31/13 – $25.00 (Reg $30.00)

Download Electronic PDF files

The electronic files are approximately 105 MB. Most high-speed Internet connections in the United States or Canada download the files in 5 minutes or less. We haven’t heard of any problems with downloading time.

When you order Mimi’s Earth Angels by download, you will receive a return email with download links as soon as we can send it out. Please be sure that your email address listed with PayPal is correct.

Please be patient. It’s just Mimi and Jim and we have to process each order by hand.

Download Files Anywhere in the World $25
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4 thoughts on “Earth Angels is Back! — The Story Behind the Story

    • Hi Gwynn,
      On the front page at http://Mimidolls.Com there is a large box that will take you to the order page. If you can’t find it, I can send you a paypal invoice for $25 for download, or $25+3=$28 for the CD in the USA.

      You may also want to look at the set of all three books if you don’t have Adam & Eva or Universal Toddler yet.


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