Mimi’s Health Update – Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping

Hi everybody,

Sorry for taking so long to let everybody know what’s happening with Mimi – I have been sick and away from the computer for a while.

Mimi’s neck is fine. She is off the soft collar except when she has overdone working, or come back from physical therapy. She has about one more month of physical therapy to go (twice a week to get more range of movement).

She was allowed to go back to chemotherapy about four weeks ago, but I waited for the scan results before sending out an update, and then waited while we figured out what the scan results meant. She still has the spots on the dome of her liver. We started the Captosar again, every other week, which is less aggressive treatment than before. It’s not clear whether the doctor doesn’t think more is needed, or whether he’s just treating it like a chronic disease, which it is. The Captosar causes much more nausea than the previous treatment (oxyplatin), but doesn’t cause side effects that cause peripheral neuropathy. She has a new treatment for the chemo induced peripheral neuropathy (CINP) that is much better. So, on the two week schedule, she is sick for about one week and okay for about one week and then we start over. No end in sight yet. Next scan in about 3 months.

Mannequins and Pattern Draping is almost done. We will starting taking pre-orders about the middle of September for before Christmas delivery. We are going to use a crowd funding site and have special deals and premiums to get things moving. This is necessary because it’s one hell of a good DVD class, and we can’t manufacture enough sets by ourselves, so we have to have enough money from pre-orders to pay a manufacturing company. We used to do this ourselves, but we aren’t up to it this time. We’ll send out notices when it’s ready.

Mimi only gets to her email about once every 2 weeks. Don’t be alarmed if you send her email and don’t hear back in a reasonable amount of time.

I have been sick for about a week. The doctor thinks it’s flu. I think it’s stress. I’m getting back to work now.

Thanks for your interest.



7 thoughts on “Mimi’s Health Update – Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping


    2015-08-30 0:36 GMT-03:00 IRACILDA MACEDO BEZEERA :

    > > > 2015-08-30 0:21 GMT-03:00 Diary of a Mad Dollmaker <

  2. So glad you are a fighter, Mimi, keep it up. Our survivor group continues to grow and you need to become a member! Caretakers need to take care of themselves, too, Jim.

  3. Hi Jim, I’m really happy to hear that Gloria’s neck has healed and that she’s doing better. Hopefully, now, things will settle down a bit and you’ll have less stress to deal with too. It’s great to hear about the DVD. Please be sure to notify me when you start to take orders. I’m really looking forward to this one!

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the news about Mimi’s health. I am far from you, France, but I wish you a lot of courage and love and I sincerely hope that Mimi will support all these therapies. Keep hope, France thinks about you too.


    Evelyne Helgorsky

    Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 03:21:06 +0000 To: evy.helgorsky@hotmail.fr

  5. I think about you very often. Every time I look at or use one of the many patterns designed by you. You are in all our prayers. You are the best designer of dolls I know. Hope all this bad stuff finally goes away. I agree, Jim, take care of yourself also. Mimi needs you as a husband and as a friend.

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