Mimi’s Mannequins & Pattern Draping Arrives at Christmas 2015

Mimi’s Mannequins and Pattern Draping (Techniques for Dollmaking) is almost finished and it is spectacular. It has almost 6 hours of classroom video full of techniques for dollmaking. We began this project almost 5 years ago, and we got interrupted by cancer. Now we’re back on track for Christmas of 2015.

Mimi’s Mannequins presents quarter-scale male and female mannequins as separate patterns with a single set of instructions for both. The dollmaking workshop is all about techniques and the similarity of the human form. Mimi’s Pattern Draping shows you how to create patterns for clothing that will fit your own dolls. It uses the mannequins as tailor’s dummies for draping the clothing patterns.

We have condensed the 4-day dollmaking workshop and the 2-day pattern draping workshop into almost 6 hours of video. Unlike previous workshop DVD sets, we will not be manufacturing this one by ourselves. We are forced to go to a pre-ordering setup to have the money to pay for the manufacturing.

In addition to the video, Mimi’s Mannequins includes:

  • A Shopping List e-book that you can copy to your phone or tablet (or print out) to take to the crafts store with you.
  • The pattern sheets can be printed on your own printer, or you can take them to an office supply store or copy center.
  • After watching the videos, you can use the included step-by-step, photo-by-photo storyboards on your phone, tablet, or computer to make the dolls and clothing. You can refer back to the video anytime you need it.

Who is it For?

In addition to the videos, the go-at-your-own-pace, step-by-step, picture-by-picture storyboards make Mimi’s Mannequins & Pattern Draping suitable for all levels of doll makers from beginner to advanced. You need some hand-sewing and machine-sewing experience, and it’s not really for first time (novice) dollmakers. It is particularly good for those who have trouble fitting clothes on dolls.

We’re opening a Kickstarter campaign on Thursday, Oct. 15th for pre-orders. We’re launching it on Kickstarter so we can raise enough money to publish the 4-DVD set. We’ve got some really great discounts, and some nice perks and souvenirs like the 2015 Kickstarter Hall of Fame at Mimidolls.Com, a chance to vote on features of what we do next, a signed & numbered limited edition, having your name listed in the ending credits, all the way up to a visit to Mimi’s studio.

Here’s the opening video that tells you about Mannequins. At the Kickstarter pre-order campaign.

You can also see the full video (24 minutes) of Lesson 5: Making Arm & Hands by visiting the kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter for Mannequins

Click to visit our Kickstarter pre-order campaign

We expect to mail in time for Christmas 2015 to the US and Canada (possibly later elsewhere) for orders received by the end of the Kickstarter campaign at midnight Nov. 15, 2015. (You can still order after that on Mimidolls.Com, but you’ll miss the special prices, perks, and Christmas delivery.)


5 thoughts on “Mimi’s Mannequins & Pattern Draping Arrives at Christmas 2015

  1. Mimi, Have been keeping up with your progress in the battle with the big C. I, too, have had another fight with it.  Bummer!I have been a fan for years “Screaming Mimi’s” was a doll club from years ago in my area. Now I am an active member in our Doll Club in Orange County.  We have used one of your lesson C.D.s in our group.I would very much like to be in the Kickstarter drive and have your newest workshop.  It sounds fantastic. I tried to sign in this morning and they said they don’t have my email or password. Help?Thanks,Pat Ames

    • Hi Pat, There is an update on Mimi’s cancer battle on the website: http://Mimidolls.Com. We also have a new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/official.mimidolls (The old Facebook page is dead, so if you were following us there, we have moved.) If you clicked the link for the Kickstarter, it should have taken you right to the page. You don’t have to sign in or anything. Watch the videos, read the stuff, then if you want to, click or tap on one of the Reward buttons. After that it should ask you for a name and email address. If you still have trouble, please email me at Jim@JimWiner.Com and I’ll be glad to try to help.

  2. Mimi’s Mannequins & Pattern Draping Review:

    I must admit off the bat that when I first heard about Mimi’s new DVD course, I was only luke warm to the idea of adding it to my library as I didn’t have the need for the mannequins and feel confident enough in costuming. My thought was that if the Kickstarter campaign ran a little shy of funding that I would go ahead and purchase it because I know how good she is and wanted the project to go through for the benefit of others. Then I was offered an advanced review copy. HOLY COW! I did NOT expect it to be packed with so much great info!

    Included in this video set is not just access to pattern sheets and instructions for making the mannequins. All her vast knowledge of stuffing, body shape/human form, wigs, etc. is packed in here. Below is just a sampling of what really caught my eye that I wanted to share:

    1) I’ll start off with the only negative I found about the DVDs. The sound quality. It’s not bad, but it’s not perfect, either. However, you just need to be open minded that these DVDs are done by Mimi and Jim and not some large corporation. Sometimes there’s a difference in the sound quality or volume, but it is still fine. You get used to it and kind of forget about it after a while. You get SO MUCH information for the cost of these DVDs that not having a perfect large corporation-manufactured sound is really unimportant. Don’t forget that the more companies are brought in to manufacture a set like this, the higher the price has to go. Doing it themselves helps keep the cost reasonable.

    2) I like that there is a running time behind each lesson so you know what to expect when fitting it into your schedule.

    3) I like the “How to” instructions. They are done very well.

    4) Even though I don’t use a fancy phone that you can send files and shopping list to, I know others do so am glad that option is in the DVD.

    5) Excellent lesson on body proportions. This is something Mimi is an expert in as she has taken courses on human anatomy. Having the info on how to make your doll more humanoid/realistic gives you the freedom on how far you want to go in it’s form (be more detailed or leave it plain).

    6) Nice lesson on story dolls and creativity. It really helps open your mind to the possibilities.

    7) Good lesson on balance and posing. Yup, a doll does not just have to stand straight, sit or be posed in a common way. Her Spartacus and High Priestess are great examples of that.

    8) Helpful info on sewing machine use for dollmaking. Not all dollmakers are seamstresses and familiar with how to fully use their machine.

    9) I love the sewing, wiring, stuffing and posing instructions. I heard of one doll instructor once who was so dismayed that her class had no idea how to properly stuff a doll. In the video, you get to see exactly what they are talking about when they say to stuff firmly.

    10) VERY detailed layout and cutting instructions. There’s no “Hey, here’s a pattern to print. Go to it in your own way.”

    11) You can also easily completely skip all the layout lessons and go right to the parts you need.

    12) Great info in wig making. Seriously, she’s even giving you a little lesson on how to make a short-hair wig.

    13) The pattern draping part was very informative with plenty of reminders about leaving off arms/sleeves for posed dolls until the costume is finished.

    I can honestly say that I recommend this set whether you are a beginning or intermediate dollmaker. I consider myself intermediate (or just below that) and know I will get lots of use out of this set because I can apply the lessons to other doll patterns, not just the mannequins included in the set.

    • Hi Lorraine,

      The pattern sheets are included in the DATA directory which is about 1.5 GB. That’s 150 times as large as most mailboxes, which is why we have downloads instead. I need to know what you are trying to do, and some things about your laptop in order to understand how to solve the problem. I will contact you by email today to get this information.

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