Mimi’s Health Update

Mimi’s Health Update
(from Jim)
First and foremost, Mimi’s procedure on Wednesday (4/27/16) went about as expected. Nothing went wrong. She’s been in some pain and has had trouble getting around. But she’s handling it reasonably well. Staying in the chair for the most part, thankfully she’s not overdoing it too much. This was an exploratory “mapping” of the tumor using a catheter through the femoral artery to map the blood supply to the tumor. The idea is to put radioactive beads into the tumor. Before they do that they have to be sure the beads can’t escape. The beads are too big to go from the artery through the capillaries to the veins. However, they might go down wrong branches of arteries or past the tumor to other places served by the same arteries, so they place “coils” to prevent this. Anyway, it went okay.
Next, on Monday 5/9/16 they will put the yttrium-90 radioactive beads in using the same catheter up the femoral artery. They have to be overnighted in from Australia where they are made. Y-90 has a half-life of 11 days, so in about 2 months (66 days) they will be down to 1/64 of original strength, or almost gone. Hopefully, they take most of the tumor with them.
Cassi was in the hospital on Tuesday (5/8) for fainting and abdominal pain. After a few hours of tests, they determined that it wasn’t going to kill her immediately, whatever it was (probably stress). Apart from that, she has to go to the doctor to take some tests later this week.
I (Jim) had a severe stress reaction. I got the shakes, just as I did on the trip down to Florida from New Jersey. I had them from Wednesday evening (after Mimi got out of the hospital) for several days. I was sick since that point, sleeping most of the day. Sunday, I thought I was feeling better so we went to Costco for our monthly run. But by the time we were done shopping, I almost passed out in the parking lot.
Thankfully, Cassi’s friend Dylan was with us. He drove us over to the ER at Gulf Shore Hospital. They have decided to keep me overnight and run some tests.
Mimi is worried about me. I’m worried about Mimi. Not really a surprise there. But we’ve got things handled. For the time being. Dylan and Cassi finished the shopping. Made sure Mimi ate something and took her meds.
I am out of the hospital. Fine head CAT scan, fine chest x-ray, fine electrocardiogram, fine heart ultrasound, fine blood chemistry, acceptable diabetes, just exhausted and stressed. Tranquilizers on occasion. Follow up with primary physician.
More next week.

4 thoughts on “Mimi’s Health Update

  1. Jim, I’m praying for all of you. I can imagine the stress you are all going through, and that won’t help. Try to relax and do things that will help you calm down. {HUGS}, Diane Dellicker

  2. Jim, I am grateful to hear things are going as well as they can.I am sending you my heartfelt thoughts and prayers for the Lord to keep you in good spirits and good health. Mimi needs you. Be strong. Hugs to you both.

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