Happy Boxing Day!

I have just put up two new HD videos covering Sewing Machine Basics for Dollmakers and Machine Stitching Techniques for Dollmakers. It’s basic, but important stuff. There are more coming soon as well as download and storyboard versions.



We want to know what you think about making our patterns and videos available for use on tablets and smartphones so that you can have the step-by-step instructions right next to your sewing machine. Do you think it will help us find more dollmakers? Do you like the idea or not? Do you have any suggestions? Please drop me an email Jim@JimWiner.Com. (or leave a comment here)


3 thoughts on “Happy Boxing Day!

  1. For those who have smart phones, etc. this seems like it would be very helpful. It may bring in new dollmakers for the convenience as you mentioned, of having information right beside the sewing machine. For those of us who do things “the old fashioned way” it may encourage us to delve deeper into the technology available to us. In either case, it can’t hurt and certainly may help draw others into the fascinating world of cloth doll creation.

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