New Disappearing Marker Video

Here is a new video on disappearing markers for dollmaking. It includes the new Pilot FriXion heat-activated disappearing gel pen. Mimi and I created this as part of Mimi’s Mannequins, and I’m finally getting around to posting it. I have several more videos and patterns to post, so expect them soon.

Happy Dolling,



4 thoughts on “New Disappearing Marker Video

  1. These are great pens, I have a few in different colours. Best thing around and really does disappear with heat. I have even gently let the steam from the iron hover over an area where I’ve used the pen and the steam makes it vanish as well. Thanks Jim.

  2. Thank you so much Jim for sharing Mimi’s techniques with us. Although this may be a bit difficult for you, you are very kind to continue to help us with our doll making!!! I have several of Mimi’s videos & patterns & I loved the way she cared so much to share her skills with others! You and your Granddaughter are in my prayers, Suzie

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