MimiGloria J. “Mimi” Winer has been an original cloth doll artist since 1983. Her work as a doll artist represents the leading edge of what can be done with her medium. She is constantly seeking out and testing new materials, has developed many new techniques and invented some exclusive tools. Gloria shares her information with the doll and craft world through this blog: “Diary of a Mad Dollmaker”, through columns and frequent articles in many Doll, Art and Craft magazines, through her web site at Mimidolls.com, and through the books and patterns she writes with her husband and partner for more than 30 years.

Gloria’s doll patterns include lengthy step-by-step instructions so that even beginning dollmakers can successfully complete a doll. Effectively they are instructional books that allow many variations over and above the specific doll. They typify her outstanding ability as a teacher. She loves sharing her techniques and it shows in all her work. Gloria is in constant demand throughout the U.S.A, Canada and Australia to teach at conferences, seminars, and doll clubs.

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  1. I bought the universal toddler several years ago . I want to make a 36″ version so that I can dress it in toddler clothing. Please let me know how to order what I need and how much it will cost .

    Bernice Hodge

    • UT is out of print. If you still have the instruction book, I may be able to find you a copy of the 36″ pattern sheet. Send me an email (Mimi@Mimidolls.com) with your name and snail mail address, and what you need and I will see what I can do.

  2. A friend of mine gave me the pattern and instruction book for the Universal Toddler. I know that you are out of some of the patterns but if you could find a sheet for a 24 inch doll or larger I would appreciate it very much. Please let me know if available and the cost. Thank you.

    • I’m editing this because Jim just revised the web site to make the UT pattern sheets available again. We also found a few more instruction books (less than a dozen), so we’re going to offer “The Works” (book and all 9 pattern sheets as a package) again until supplies run out.

      The Works: 128 page paper book with all nine pattern sheets – $29.95. We have less than a dozen left.

      Replacement 16″ pattern sheet and Jointed Leg Update for small sizes – $4.95. (You need this if you want to make the 16″ doll or the 12, 14, 18, 20, or 22″ dolls with jointed legs.)

      Small pattern sheet set – $12.95. Includes 12, 14, 18, 20, and 22″ pattern sheets.

      Large pattern sheet set – $12.95. Includes 24, 30, and 36″ pattern sheets.

      NOTE: The different sized pattern sheets are not simple reductions or enlargements. For each pattern size, the head is re-proportioned to look right. Small sizes have relatively larger heads than large sizes.

      Individual pattern sheets are also available, but if you need more than one, get the small or large set. The individual shipping costs makes them very expensive.

      The reason there has been so much delay is because the larger patterns are on 11″ x 17″ (A3) paper and most people don’t have printers that will handle that size.

      I believe that DollmakersJourney.com may also have some of the original Universal Toddler instruction books (with the 16″ pattern sheet only) available for $14.95.

    • Hi Juanita,

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. When I looked at your blog on 7/21, the picture was not up yet. Since then, Jim has had a herniated disk in his back (he does all the photo, video, and computer work). Now that he is feeling a little better, I got to see your work with the coloring done and I’m very impressed with it. (Visit http://msfairy.blogspot.com/ to see it.) Keep going. Each one will be better than the last one. If you add a little more fabric to the chin, you may be even happier with the face as it will balance out the size of the fuller lips. Thank you for sharing.

      Our next video will be a modular mermaid that can take many poses. She has two sets of arms and at least four different tails. We hope to have it done in time to put it on sale for Christmas, but with Jim’s back out, this may take longer.

      The general problem we have with a fully sculpted doll is the amount of video it will take. To do “Michael Dances Spartacus” which is a ballet dancer in full leap, it may take as many as five or six disks. To do “Mimi’s Stud Muffin” who has indoor variations (Doctor, Lawyer, and other indoor costumes) and outdoor variations (Construction worker, Super Spy, and other outdoor costumes) could take a dozen disks. That makes them too expensive except for pattern collectors, so we’re going to do the Mermaid first.

      Happy Dolling,

    • Hi Chloe,

      We’re working on it as fast as we can. We had hoped to have it done for Christmas when Jim got a herniated disk in his back so we are way behind.

      As soon as it’s ready, we’ll tell everybody about it and it will be on sale (probably both at Mimidolls.com and DollmakersJourney.com) for the first few weeks.

      Keep an eye open both on the blog and the website.

      Happy Dolling,

  3. Hi Sylvia,

    Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is that I have several hundreds of books and patterns, and I go to my doll club meeting in New York City by train. It is a doll collector’s club. Most of these things will be of more interest to pattern and book collectors than doll collectors. We explained the problem to our 13-year old grand daughter, and she is thinking about how to do it online.

    Happy Dolling,

  4. Hi Susan,

    Could you give me just a hint about which dolls you are talking about?

    The faces don’t come from the pattern, they come from inside my head, and each new pattern gives more information about making faces that I have learned since the previous pattern.

    Our DVD, How to Needle Model a Pretty Face shows how to make a face with a knit overlay.

    In a few weeks, we will be releasing Mimi’s Modular Mermaid Dollmaking Workshop on DVD that will show you how to do faces in muslin.

    The only difference between faces made from the same pattern is exactly where you place the dots and what direction you put the stitches. It’s impossible to make two exactly alike.

    Happy Dolling,

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