Dollmaking Workshop on DVD — Mimi’s Needle Model a Pretty Face

Saturday, August 7,  Cassi and I attended Day with Dolls in a really nice church in Bronxville, New York. It was less than a two-hour drive from home early on Saturday morning.  I was demonstrating how I needle model a face, and I just happened to have my new DVD with me.

Here’s what Mary Ann Kaahanui of had to say about it:

“It was such a treat to see one of the world’s best dollmaking teachers Gloria “Mimi” Winer at Day with Dolls in New York.  During the day she slipped [me] a DVD and said: ‘Let me know what you think about this…’  Well, our dear dollmaking friends, get ready – Mimi and her husband Jim have taken the material that Mimi teaches in a 2 day Needle Sculpting Class and produced a PHENOMENAL FIVE HOUR LONG 2 DISC DVD called “Needle Model a Pretty Face” that is going to knock your socks off!  We pride ourselves on the variety of needle sculpting products we carry but for all of you who really want to learn by following along with a DVD the wait is over.  You will feel like Mimi is sitting right next to you and the wealth of doll making knowledge she shares with you is absolutely priceless.  The DVD is arranged so that you can easily navigate around the 31 detailed chapters that cover every aspect of the head construction.  You can watch it on your TV or your computer whichever is more convenient.  We are waiting anxiously for the first shipment to arrive and will let you know when it does so keep an eye on the site.  Your reference library will be screaming for this DVD!!!”

Needle Model a Pretty Face

You can get a copy of the DVD from either or from BUTit’s on sale at from now until the end of August for 20% off. Get it before the end of August from and save up to $8.

DVD 2 Disc Set

Includes 2 copies of pattern Sheet

Here’s some more information:

Mimi’s Needle Model a Pretty Face
Complete 2-Day Dollmaking Workshop on DVD

2 copies of the pattern sheet printed on heavy card stock.

2-disc DVD set with 4 hours 48 minutes of over-the-shoulder video.

Standard 2-disc DVD plastic case for storage.

Suitable for all levels. If you can do basic machine sewing to make the seams on the skull and the darts on the face overlay, you will learn everything else you need from watching the step-by-step video.


  • Disc 1
    • Introduction
    • 01 Make Templates
    • 02 Layout & Stitch Skull
    • 03 Trim & Snip Seams
    • 04 Turn Skull
    • 05 Stuff Skull
    • 06 Needle Model Nostrils
    • 07 Needle Model Nose Flairs
    • 08 Needle Model Nose Bridge
    • 09 Set Nose into Skull
    • 10 Add Stuffing
    • 11 Finding Right Side of Knit
    • 12 Layout & Stitch Overlay
    • 13 Pinning Overlay to Skull
    • 14 Sculpting Nose
    • 15 Sculpting Eyeballs
    • 16 Sculpting Brow Bones
    • 17 Sculpting Lower Eye Socket
    • 18 Making Adjustments
  • Disc 2
    • 19 Locate Closed Mouth
    • 20 Closed Mouth Upper Lip
    • 21 Closed Mouth Lower Lip
    • 22 Closed Mouth Fix Smile
    • 23 Cheekbones, Brow, & Chin
    • 24 Closing Head
    • 25 Ears
    • 26 Coloring the Face
    • 27 Sketch Open Mouth
    • 28 Open Mouth Upper Lip
    • 29 Open Mouth Lower Lip
    • 30 Open Mouth Teeth & Smile
    • 31 Open Mouth Cheeks & Chin
    • Sources

This pattern can be reduced or enlarged for use on any cloth character doll.

You are licensed to sell dolls made from this pattern.