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Our cell phones died, so we’re having a Christmas in July sale so we can replace them. The 20% off sale begins 7/15/2019 and runs through the end of July. Everything is on sale with free shipping in the USA. We have PAPER patterns, downloadable patterns, PDF files on CDs, and video workshops on DVDs. If you are outside the USA and would like paper patterns, or videos, please send us a message so we can work out shipping.


Black Friday Week Sale

All of Mimi’s patterns are on sale on our Etsy site ( ONLY. The sale will run from 11/20/18 to 11/26/18. Prices are 20% off with free shipping. The sale will probably continue until Christmas, but the discounts may not be as high.

Everything is 20% Off during the Etsy 13th Anniversary Sale, Monday 6/18 to Friday 6/22

Our new pattern shop on Etsy.Com (MimidollsPatterns) is joining in the Etsy 13th Anniversary sale. All of our patterns and videos are 20% off from Monday, June 18 to Friday, June 22 on Etsy. Our shop is located at… (The discount is not available on our website or Ebay shop, so please visit our new shop on Etsy.Com)

We also have printed patterns available on Etsy.Com

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Christmas Until 1/31/2013 — Mimi’s Cancer Journal

Mimi’s Christmas Sale is Extended until 1/31/2013.

25% off all patterns and DVDs.

25% off Studio Sale and Mimi’s Stash items.

Mimi’s Cancer Journal – Part 1 – Letters to Friends – October 21, 2012

This is reprinted from Mimidolls.Com. We are moving the Cancer Journal to the Diary of a Mad Dollmaker. This is the beginning of the story. We will continue it later this week to bring you up-to-date. Mimi has just had a CT scan for a three-month checkup and we will get the results Monday, Jan 21, 2013.

There are several letters below, each with a bit of different information. Use what you think is appropriate.
Dearest Carol,

I was asked to send a letter about my health issues for the Guild newsletter as it may help others to get checked out sooner. I just wrote it and have no energy left to spend another hour typing – and my right “bone-on-bone” shoulder is aching to beat the band – So I will forward it to you.

Much love,

G’d Day Katrina,

I am scheduled to have the port implanted on Monday. I have an appointment with the oncologist on Wednesday. I also want to talk to a nutritionist, specialist in cancer. Since this has affected my liver I think I should forgo animal protein and of course sugars. The radiologist that took the PET films told me the nuclear material was combined with sugar before it was put into my IV because the sugar goes directly to inflammation and cancer… That tells me I should avoid sugar as well. I have a bunch of stuff I had already put into the car on Wednesday as I fully intended to drive down to you after that doctor visit. I can’t wait to read the comments received on your work, I am so proud of you for passing Standards!

Below is the note I wrote to Carol for the newsletter. Thanks for the suggestion.
See ya’ Saturday.


Good morning Carol,

You have permission to use this as an article for the newsletter as I am requesting that lots of on-going positive energy be sent my way to aid in my cancer treatment. My work here is not yet done. Cassi needs me for at least eight more years to get her healthy and through college.

My husband and I are raising our great granddaughter, Cassandra Rose, who is 15 years old. She has been diagnosed with PTSD as well as social anxiety and depression. She is in therapy but must attend school via on-line classes for the foreseeable future. We have legal custody of her.

I am a new Guild member but have been part of the fiber arts community forever. I have been making figurative sculpture and teaching my techniques in the U.S. Canada and Australia for almost thirty years.
I have had cancer twice before. Breast cancer in 1974 (38 years ago). I had a mastectomy but no further treatment as the cancer was but 4mm in size.

In 2007 my sister had a small-cell carcinoma in her lung. The time from her diagnosis to her death was only 18 days. While I was standing with her family around her bed waiting for her soul to leave her pain wracked body I heard a loud, masculine, authoritative voice shout at me. It said: “GET A SCAN NOW!” No one else in the room heard it. Since my sister and I had grown up with two smoking parents and I worked in smoky cocktail lounges to put myself through school many years ago I thought it was good advice.

My doctor refused to write a script for a lung scan with no symptoms. I repeated this story to him and I got the script. To shorten a long story; after many other tests the left upper lobe was removed and it was discovered that the cancer was a 1-A. The doctors said it was extremely rare to find a lung cancer that early and that small. No further treatment was necessary

I had a colonoscopy and an endoscope last November (2011) while still living in New Jersey. There was a small polyp that was removed. I have a history of GI problems and this was the first polyp ever found. At the end of August (2012) I experienced an episode of rectal bleeding the sent me to Lee Memorial ER. Even though there was no more bleeding after I arrived at the hospital, I was admitted for a couple of days for observation. The Doctor thought it was diverticulitis. It was treated with diet and after 6 weeks had another colonoscopy and endoscope.

I was told immediately there was a large mass in the colon. I was referred to a surgeon who told me it was a cancer, a large one, more than 7cm. To have grown so large in less than a year was shocking. He scheduled surgery to remove it and ordered a CT scan with contrast.

The surgeon told me two days ago that the cancer was a stage four that had already metastasized to the liver and it lit up like a Christmas tree on the scan photos. He cancelled the original surgical order to remove the tumor as it would not cure me to do so.

I will have a port installed on Monday and will see the oncologist to set up a schedule for chemotherapy. I am considering checking out Cancer Centers of Florida today and perhaps will ask for a referral as I do want the very best up to the minute treatment available. The stakes are high.

I am very proud to be a member of SWFCG and plan to attend as many meetings as possible and to contribute whatever I can by way of volunteering as my health allows. I will be at Saturday’s Meeting. I am looking forward to my Standards review in January. That assumes I will be able to make five new pieces in time for review.

Many thanks for your time reading this “tome”
See you on Saturday. Katrina is picking me up and I am bringing lasagna.

Gloria (aka Mimi)

Reminder – dollmaking chat Sunday at 7-8 pm Eastern Time (GMT-5). choose a name, select the Screaming Mimis room and join the chat.

Mimi’s Universal Toddler is Back!

Mimi’s Universal Toddler is back!

After being out-of-print for many years, the Universal Toddler is back in electronic form for download or on CD at a much lower price (we don’t have to print or ship all that heavy paper). And until October 15, it’s another 25% off the new lower price.

  *  The definitive textbook for knit fabric dollmaking.
  *  You can make this beautiful 16″ cloth doll in just a weekend.
  *  Five Star Rating for beginning, intermediate, and advanced cloth dollmakers.
  *  All skill levels from quick & easy to collector quality.
  *  Pattern sheets included from 12″ to 36″

Picture-by-picture, multi-level instruction book includes full size, cut-out, 16″ patterns for boy and girl. Optional instructions and pattern pieces for sexing boy and girl dolls. Clothing includes bathrobe, girl’s rhumba panties, boy’s briefs, bunny and bear slippers, and stuffed toy. Fixed-leg doll stands alone without armature or doll stand. Certificate, hangtag, pattern sheets for 12″ to 36″ sizes, jointed leg supplement and 12″-22″ jointed leg pattern pieces all included. Body also accepts porcelain heads, hands and feet.

  *  You are licensed to sell dolls made from this pattern.
  *  This is the world renown textbook for making dolls from knit doll fabric. A complete course in dollmaking.
  *  NOTE: Available only as Electronic copy. It has become too expensive to print and ship paper copies.
  *  NOTE: The different sized pattern sheets are not simple reductions or enlargements. For each pattern size, the head is reproportioned to look right. Small sizes have relatively larger heads than large sizes.

More Books!

We have almost all of the books that won’t fit in our new apartment listed in the Studio Sale. There are great bargains here, but only one copy of each book. Check it out before everything you want is gone.

New Site Design for Mimidolls.Com – Giant Studio Sale -Beau of the Ball

We’ve opened the new Mimidolls.Com. Everything has changed to make it easier to use. The Studio Sale section is open and you can save up to 50% on books, magazines, videos, and everything while supplies last. (We’re moving and don’t have space.)

Mimidolls.Com New Home Page

Mimidolls.Com New Home Page

The new home page has a list of category buttons on the left, and a group of subject tiles on the right. You can select any category or subject by clicking on the button, or, if you have a touch-screen or tablet, by tapping on the category button or subject tile. The number of subject tiles displayed adjusts to fit on your screen.

If you have a small screen, like a netbook, hold down the CTRL key and press “-” to shrink the page so you won’t have to scroll sideways. If you have a giant page, hold down the CTRL key and press “+” to expand the page and make the type larger and easier to read. The F11 key makes the display full screen without the browser at the top and bottom. F11 again brings back the browser. Finally, if you have a wheel on your mouse, you can use it to scroll up and down in the subject tiles.

Navigation Panel

Navigation Panel

Getting around Mimidolls.Com is easy. Simply click any category Category Button button at the left to display appropriate subject tiles and then read or click on a subject tile. Some subject tiles have full information (just a little bit) available by scrolling on the tile itself. Other subject tiles open new pages with the information described in the tile.

Click the return Return Button button to get back to the same category, or click any category Category Button for the desired category.

Some related pages are connected by previous Previous Button and next Next Button buttons that let you see all of the pages in the group without going back to the category each time.

Mimidolls.Com Polilcy Page

Mimidolls.Com Polilcy Page

For example, the “Contact Us / Policy” button at the top shows you tiles about our policies. Similarly, the “Studio Sale” button near the bottom shows you subcategory tiles for all of the things we don’t have the space to take with us. Check out the bargains — most items are priced at half price or less compared to other sites or eBay.

Mimidolls.Com Studio Sale

Mimidolls.Com Studio Sale

We’ve also posted our latest FREE Video Tutorial for dollmakers: Anatomy: Scale and Proportion on the home page and the Video Tutorials page.

Beau of the BallBeau of the BallBeau of the Ball

Beau of the Ball by Mimi. 20″ muslin — One-of-a-Kind — Prototype. ODACA Convention Centerpiece.

Beau is a cloth doll. His body is sewn from Mimi’s original Stud Muffin (Indoor) pattern using a 240 thread count muslin. He is stuffed with Airtex Premium polyfil.

His clothing is mid 15th century. He wears canions and trunk hose (undergarments), silk knit hosen and garters made from golden Kreinik thread. His shoes are painted leather fastened and embellished with antique buttons.

His coral canions are made from silk chiffon. His pansied slops (short, wide breeches) are silk stuffed with netting. (The ones actually worn at that time were often stuffed with the slashed garments of the man he bested in a duel.)

His chemise (shirt) is silk. The cuffs are embellished with antique French gold lace. Buttons are seed beads. His jerkin is golden silk lined in coral silk. The shourlder wings are embellished with gold lace as are the jerkin front and neck.

The picadis on the hem of the jerkin are lined in the same coral silk embellished as the rest of the garment. His ruff is several layers of orange silk netting.

His cape (not shown) is made of re-embroidered (gold on gold) silk lined with a coral and gold silken fabric and embellished with Kreinik threads.

His mask is cut from the same fabric lining the cape, trimmed with antique French lace and tied with Kreinik ribbon.

Hair, goatee, moustash and eyebrows are hand dyed short curly fabric.

And here’s Mimi’s latest doll: Beau of the Ball