New Disappearing Marker Video

Here is a new video on disappearing markers for dollmaking. It includes the new Pilot FriXion heat-activated disappearing gel pen. Mimi and I created this as part of Mimi’s Mannequins, and I’m finally getting around to posting it. I have several more videos and patterns to post, so expect them soon.

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Happy Boxing Day!

I have just put up two new HD videos covering Sewing Machine Basics for Dollmakers and Machine Stitching Techniques for Dollmakers. It’s basic, but important stuff. There are more coming soon as well as download and storyboard versions.



We want to know what you think about making our patterns and videos available for use on tablets and smartphones so that you can have the step-by-step instructions right next to your sewing machine. Do you think it will help us find more dollmakers? Do you like the idea or not? Do you have any suggestions? Please drop me an email Jim@JimWiner.Com. (or leave a comment here)

Join Mimi for an Online Chat! – Sale Goes On

Mimi’s Christmas sale is still going on. Get 20% off DVD sets and most E-patterns.
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Mimi will be online for a chat with dollmakers on:

Friday, December 2, from 7-9 pm Eastern time and

Sunday, December 4, from 6-8 pm Eastern time.

We have two NEW FREE videos to show you how to get to the chat room.

Join the Screaming Mimis Workshop Step 1 of 2 shows you how to get a FREE Yahoo! account that can be used for groups and email.

Be sure to put in a birthday that shows you at least 18 years old or you aren’t allowed in the chat room!

Join the Screaming Mimis Workshop Step 2 of 2 shows you how to join the workshop when you already have a Yahoo! account.

You need to sign in to Yahoo! with your Yahoo! account ID and not your regular email address to get to the chat room!

Check them out and come visit with Mimi Saturday, 12/2, and Sunday, 12/4/2011.


Mimi’s Basic Dollmaking — Our First Online Tutorial!

Complete 2-Day Dollmaking Workshop
For Beginning to Intermediate Dollmakers
Realistic Cloth Dolls

Mimi’s Basic Dollmaking tutorial uses a very easy pattern for a four to five-year old child. The doll is about 10-inches (25-cm), and can be a boy or a girl or neither (and have wings or a fish tail). It uses Mimi’s easy, modular technique for full posing.

  • This doll is so simple that a first-time dollmaker can make it easily and successfully in just a few hours.
  • The Basic Dollmaking doll is the perfect canvas to showcase your needlework by decorating wings, or fins, or clothes, or paint, or embroidery, or beading, or your own favorite expression.
  • There are only six basic pattern pieces, plus a few optional choices such as pointed toes, pointed ears, and flukes and wings.
  • The well-shaped head has a choice of human or “pointy” attached ears, and does not need a face when the doll is made for the display of your needlework.
  • For the more adventurous, there is a fully needle-modeled face. It’s easier than you think with my new directions. There is an easier way to stitch the eyes and make that cute mouth.

Use this body design to create the doll of your dreams, a child, a faery, an elf or a mer-kid to display your favorite form of needle-art on the wings or flukes.

How it Works:

  • 34 video demonstrations.
  • Go at your own pace. (It’s all accessible immediately. No week-by-week handouts.)
  • You don’t have to worry about the class ending before you can participate in the discussion group. The Screaming Mimis is a permanent discussion group.
  • You don’t have to wait for a new class to begin. Start when you’re ready.
  • Everybody on The Screaming Mimi’s is working on Mimi patterns (or their own projects based on what they have learned) and can help you.
  • Jim and I read the discussions every day and help out whenever we are needed. We also schedule live chats with Mimi.
  • The tutorial gets updated as we shoot new video or find easier ways to explain things. If you come back and do it again after a few months, you may find a lot of new things. Just check the “What’s New” chapter in the “Introduction” lesson for a dated list of changes.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to photograph your dolls
  • How to make and use templates
  • What to look for in stuffing materials
  • How to work with knits
  • How to determine fabric stretch
  • How to clean hand sewing needles
  • How to set up your sewing machine for dollmaking
  • How to take care of air soluble markers
  • What kind of thread to use for dollmaking
  • How to clip seams
  • How to ladder stitch
  • How to select hemostats
  • How to make and use a stuffing tool
  • How to stuff a doll smoothly
  • How to make wired hands
  • How to turn fingers
  • How to wire ears
  • How to pin doll parts together with a smooth fit
  • How to attach wings to a faery and flukes to a mer-kid
  • How to locate features on a face
  • How to be sure your eyes are on the same plane and the same size
  • How to needle-model a nose
  • How to needle-model lips
  • How to make dimensional eyes
  • How to color the face
  • How to make needle lace
  • How to make thread paintings

Mimi’s Basic Dollmaking Online Tutorial
10 Lessons, nearly 100 Chapters
Only $30!

Click Here to Buy Now!
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You will receive an email in 1-3 business days telling you how to log on, and providing your UserID and Serial#.

Mimi’s Mannequins – How to Paint a Male Face – Free Video

How can it be a Mimi Doll without a needle-modeled face? See for yourself! I painted the face of the male mannequin (manikin) and we made a FREE VIDEO that you can watch on here and at  (http://Mimidolls.Com).

Mimi’s Mannequins are a pair of adult dolls, a 15½” female and a 17″ male. They are very easy dolls to make. The shape is built into the patterns and the techniques are built into the instructions. The 2-disc Dollmaking Workshop Classroom on a DVD will be available in mid-November, 2011.

The body requires little or no needle modeling – just a stitch or two to pull the breasts in and make the crotch V-shaped so the legs will fit. The face doesn’t need to be needle modeled at all. (You can if you want to, or paint eyes, or just leave it blank.)

The second disc is a class on how to drape the bodies and feet to make basic contemporary patterns for bodices, shirts, skirts and pants, and shoes as well as wigs. Once you understand how to drape you can drape anything, even a horse.

Be sure to keep track of the status here on the Diary of a Mad Dollmaker blog. There’s a place over at the end of the right column where you can get an email subscription.

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Gloria (“Mimi”)


Making Posable Hands that can Grasp Objects – New Free Video Tutorial


This is Chapters 6, 7, and 8 of Lesson 6 Posable Hands from the new Mimi’s Modular Mermaid Classroom on DVD. It takes eleven minutes and discusses and demonstrates how to make and pose doll hands that can grasp objects.

To see the previous videos, please visit they are listed on the front page or under the “Video Tutorials” button.

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Mimi’s Elves Attend ODACA – Turning Fingers – New Free Video Tutorial

Prince Elvin and Trilby will be in attendance at the Original Doll Artists Council of America (ODACA) convention at the Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA on Sunday July 24, 2011 from 2-10pm. A lot of mermaids will be there too. (rooms CL AVILA A and B)

Prince Elvin

Prince Elvin

Prince Elvin



There will be a get-together to meet Mimi in Oceanside, CA on Thursday August 4, 2011. For more information call Lois Boncer, 760-438-3431 or email Lois@AardvarkToZebra.Com.

Turning Fingers for Cloth Dolls.

This new demo is chapters 3 and 4 of Lesson 6 Posable Hands from Mimi’s Modular Mermaid. It takes ten minutes and discusses making and using finger turning tools and turning fingers for cloth dolls.

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Making & Using Templates for Doll Patterns – New Free Video Tutorial

Making & Using Templates for Doll Patterns. This new demo is chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 of Lesson 1 Introduction from Mimi’s Modular Mermaid. It takes nine minutes and discusses making and using templates from pattern pieces and how this relates to precision sewing. We hope you enjoy it!

To see the previous videos, click here (Intro and Wefting) and here (Sewing Machine).

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The Screaming Mimis Workshop – New Free Video Tutorial

The Screaming Mimis Workshop is a free Yahoo Group established by Sandra Bejster especially for folks making my dolls. I am a member and I try to visit and answer questions whenever I am needed.

From the opening message that created the group:

“The Screaming Mimis Workshop is a group dedicated to the dolls made by Gloria “Mimi” Winer’s patterns.

“In this group, we will be able to post questions regarding workshop “homework” and dolls we are making from non-workshop related patterns. My hope is that we can use this group to post pictures of our progress, areas we are having trouble with and finished products.”

The group members are currently working on the High Priestess, Drawing Down the Moon which is still being tested in classes around the country, and the free Mimi Pattern, An Elf Named Stretch which you can download from The Screaming Mimis Workshop will soon be adding Mimi’s Modular Mermaid and other Mimi patterns.

The group has a file area where revised pattern sheets and instructions are posted, a photo gallery where each dollmaker can display her dolls (and if she wishes, ask for critiques), and a general discussion group where the members help each other solve problems, receive encouragement, and learn to be better dollmakers.

There are two ways to join. If you already have a free Yahoo account, You can sign in to
Yahoo and go to this link: and join from there, or you can send Sandra an e-mail at
and she will send you a personal invite.

New Free Video Tutorial

Using Your Sewing Machine for Dollmaking. This brand new demo is Chapter 13 of Lesson 1 Introduction from Mimi’s Modular Mermaid. It takes six minutes, discusses presser feet, cover plates, stitch size, needle visibility for precision sewing, and all of the other things you need to know to use your sewing machine more effectively for dollmaking. We hope you enjoy it!

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