Welcome to the Diary of a Mad Dollmaker

Welcome to my weblog.

I plan to write this in the same way as I used to write my Diary of a Mad Dollmaker in Let’s talk About Dollmaking Magazine. For those who are rather new to dollmaking, this was a newsletter that Jim and I published for over ten years on our own copy machine. It has been almost that long since we ceased publication. Having to make and mail copies to hundreds of dollmakers each month just got to be too much. Now we can publish once on this blog and readers can visit this diary or can subscribe by email or RSS feed (see the sidebars on the right for free subscription information). The weblog takes care of all the hard work of distribution and only leaves us with the hard work of writing and photography.

Each day I will try to give you a short article on what I am doing with my dolls and how I’m solving today’s problems in dollmaking. Weekly, I will give you longer articles on major projects or Jim will post articles on dollmaking techniques. Jim is putting together a new book on Hair for the Doll that Bit You and we are working on a new DVD video showing how to Needle Model a Pretty Face. We are also working on several new patterns: Mimi’s Mermaid is in final review, Mimi’s Spartacus is a male ballet dancer, Mimi’s Elf will be the subject of some of the articles you will see here as I make the prototype dolls and teach the first classes, and Mimi’s Stud Muffin is my new working man. I’m looking for miniature tools for his tool belt. I have a miniature lineman’s pliers and a miniature crescent wrench, but I can’t find a source for them, or for a miniature stethoscope and other costume accessories.

The best way to get a feel for what Jim and I are planning is to read the first few posts. I’ll be putting up a diary article of my trip to Toy Fair and Broadway Bears and another article on the new Mimi’s Elf.

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For long articles, only the first article will appear followed by a link that says “Read More».” Click on “Read More»” to get to the full article. This keeps our front page (which shows the most recent seven posts) short for easy reading.

I am brand new at doing this on a computer, and I am also dyslexic. Jim may not catch all of my errors, many of which spell-check can’t either. Please be kind when pointing out my many errors.

Thank you again,

Happy Dolling,