Major Site Redesign at Mimidolls.Com

We’ve changed a whole lot of things – 09/15/2011

New Free Project Sheet: Mimi’s Victorian Hat

This new free project sheet includes color pictures, instructions, and pattern pieces for Mimi’s Victorian Hat. Download it below.

Lighter Color Buttons for Easier Visibility

Our dark pink text on a black background buttons have been changed to light pink to make them easier to see.

New Beginners Start Here Button

Makes it easier to use our site.

New Join the Screaming Mimis Button

Tells you about the Screaming Mimis discussion group and how you can join.

New Email Subscription Button

Tells you how to get an email subscription to Mimi’s Diary of a Mad Dollmaker Blog.

Mimi’s Studio Sale Button

Now shows you all the new prototype dolls that Mimi is ready to offer to collectors.

New Video Carousel

Shows you our free videos with scrolling pictures instead of just a list of words.

Free Project Sheet: Mimi’s Victorian Hat

Click Picture to Download Free Pattern Sheet

Click Picture to Download Free Pattern

Stop by the website: Mimidolls.Com and try the “Beginners Start Here” button.

Happy Dolling,


An Elf Named Stretch is Here – Free Pattern (& Mermaids Too!)

Mimi’s New Elf doll is a twelve inch male Elf on walk-about. One leg is armatured so he can be posed mid-step. He wears breeches and has a vest and shirt (which he totes in his carryall so he can expose his manly chest). He also has shoes and a woodsmen’s hat.

Some of these instructions, patterns, and photographs were printed in the December and February issues of Soft Dolls & Animals! Magazine. This new free pattern with instructions is the original version from which those articles were adapted.

To get a copy of the 27 page instructions and the 5 pattern sheets, go to Mimidolls.Com and click on the download link.

Stretch Clothed Hello

Hello, I'm Stretch

stretch Bare ByeBye

Bye Bye

Here are some of the Mermaids in Progress from our soon-to-be-released Mimi’s Modular Mermaid Dollmaking Workshop on DVD. It will have 6 discs and 13 – 14 hours of video:

Mermaid with Overhead Flukes, Webbed Arms

Mermaid with Overhead Flukes, Webbed Arms

wall Doll with Posable Arms

wall Doll with Posable Arms

wall Mermaid with Webbed Arms Out

Wall Mermaid with Webbed Arms Out

mermaid on Side with Arm on Head

Mermaid on Side with Arm on Head


New Free Project Sheet – Mimi’s Dancin’ Pin Doll (5″)

We have a new FREE pin doll project to introduce you to our new interface. Just go to Mimidolls.Com, click on the “Free Stuff” button on the right, go down to the “Other Free Stuff” selection, and then select the Mimi’s Dancin’ Pindoll (5″) Project Sheet to download the sheet. It should print on any home printer with no problems.

Mimi's Dancin' Pin Doll (5")

Mimi's Dancin' Pin Doll (5")

You might also want to take a look at the “Video Tutorials” button.

Lots more stuff coming soon.