Surface Design and Wearable Art

We’re moving from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment. We can’t take everything. Lots of Mimi’s books are for sale in the Studio Sale announced last week.

Since last week, we’ve added over 80 more books to the studio sale. Some excellent books on Native American culture, and particularly Hopi Kachina dolls are in the Inspiration subcategory. Most of the others are in one of two new subcategories: Surface Design and Wearable Art.

Surface design includes painting, piecing, dyeing, batik, tie-dye, texturizing and other methods used to alter the appearance of fabric or textiles.

Wearable art includes not only the doll jackets designed by elinor peace bailey and Virginia Robertson, but also quilted, pieced, painted, and other clothing and accessories. Some is very elegant, some will be perfect for your own expression.

There are also new books in the Art Books subcategory. These include everything from flower painting to animal anatomy.

Most prices are less than 50% of what these books cost elsewhere. We only have one (or sometimes two) of each book, so get what you want before it’s gone. After you’ve finished shopping, be sure and tell your friends who might like to get in on the savings.