Every pattern, video workshop, and storyboard workshop is on sale from 11/10/2020 until 12/31/2020. Prices are 20% off with free shipping on most items.

All of our fabric will be removed from the store on 1/1/2021 and will no longer be offered. If you want it, now is the time. (The postage is just too high to allow us to continue to offer fabric.) If you order multiple pieces of the same fabric, we will try to send you a single piece. For example, if you order 4 fat quarters, we will send you a full yard not cut into quarters.

We will also be adding more direct downloads for some of the video workshops. They may be a few days to get into the store. This will simplify international shipping by making our videos available directly. It may take a few days because we must convert the videos from DVD format to MP4 format to make them smaller and faster to download. Watch for the announcement.

Thank you.
Happy Dolling
Jim Winer

Download Video Workshops! 50% off! Flash Sale Ends Sunday, 2/11/20.

We’re holding a flash sale! I’ve just finished the dowload only versions of How to Needle Model a Pretty Face, The Essential Mimi Collection, and Mimi’s Mannequins. I haven’t had time to update the web pages and Etsy shop yet, so in the mean time, you can get each of these video workshops for HALF PRICE! The sale will last until midnight Sunday, 2/11/20. If you would like to purchase while the sale is on, please PayPal the correct amount to Mimi@Mimidolls.Com and indicate which workshop you would like. Be sure to include your email address.

How to Needle Model a Pretty Face is almost 5 hours of over-the-shoulder video instructions. The sale price is $15 (regular price is $30).

* Complete 2-Day Dollmaking Workshop on Video.

* 4 hours 48 minutes of over-the-shoulder video.

* Suitable for all levels. If you can do basic machine sewing to make the seams on the skull and the darts on the face overlay, you will learn everything else you need from watching the step-by-step video.

The Essential Mimi Collection includes How to Needle Model a Pretty Face, Mimi’s Victoria Rose, 3rd Edition (multimedia), and three character dolls: Father Christmas, Happy Birthday Honey, and Jazz. The sale price is $30 (regular price is $60.)

Mimi’s Mannequins is a video workshop that teaches dollmaking techniques including comparative anatomy in designing male and female patterns, and pattern draping to make it easy to adopt clothing patterns for other dolls, or even for people to fit your own dolls of any size. The sale price is $20 (regular price is $40).

Remember, the sale runs until midnight Sunday, 2/11/20. After that, prices will go back to normal.

Order by sending a payment to Mimi@Mimidolls.Com on PayPal.Com. Be sure to include your email address. I will get back to you within 24 hours with the information you need to download your copy. Keep in mind that while these videos are only half as big as the DVDs, they still take a long time to download. If you have any questions, look at the descriptions of the DVD products on (but don’t order through Etsy — the Etsy shop won’t be updated until after the sale ends, and the prices will go back to normal).

Mimidolls Christmas Sale – 20% off, free shipping on orders of $35.

I’ve finally got the ETSY store straightened out. We added a lot of ultrasuede and other fabrics in time for Black Friday, but people complained that they didn’t need 2 yards (or 10 yards) of ultrasuede for doll clothes, so I’ve rearranged everything for fat quarters. There’s ultrasuede, wool, jersey knit, and Uki Atai fabric from Japan.

Anyway, the sale runs until the end of the year, and EVERYTHING is at least 20% off the original prices. Some of the fabric was already 50% off of retail on Amazon, and you can get most of it in fat quarters. There’s also free shipping to USA on orders of $35 or more.

Stop by and visit!

In a few days, I will also be adding some of the dolls from Mimi’s collection including many by NIADA artists and ODACA artists.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Season’s Greetings!

Happy Dolling!


Christmas in July Sale Begins 7/15

Our cell phones died, so we’re having a Christmas in July sale so we can replace them. The 20% off sale begins 7/15/2019 and runs through the end of July. Everything is on sale with free shipping in the USA. We have PAPER patterns, downloadable patterns, PDF files on CDs, and video workshops on DVDs. If you are outside the USA and would like paper patterns, or videos, please send us a message so we can work out shipping.

Everything is 20% Off during the Etsy 13th Anniversary Sale, Monday 6/18 to Friday 6/22

Our new pattern shop on Etsy.Com (MimidollsPatterns) is joining in the Etsy 13th Anniversary sale. All of our patterns and videos are 20% off from Monday, June 18 to Friday, June 22 on Etsy. Our shop is located at… (The discount is not available on our website or Ebay shop, so please visit our new shop on Etsy.Com)

We also have printed patterns available on Etsy.Com

Please tell your dollmaking friends.